Private Label:
Our comprehensive Private Label services cover design, packaging printing, packaging processes, and Logo etching on every instrument. With strong support from top-tier packaging vendors, you have the flexibility to choose from a variety of packaging types, sizes, and quantities. Options include standing pouches, carton boxes, and more.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer):
Moonbro Overseas Corporation, a surgical instruments expert, is dedicated to delivering quality solutions through our OEM services. As a leading manufacturer of premium surgical instruments, we facilitate new product development and research. Our OEM service brings your product designs and concepts to the market in alignment with your quality and brand standards.

Simply provide us with your concept, and our experienced design and production teams take the reins, transforming your vision into reality. Our Dynamic Development process ensures an industry-leading Time-to-Market, enabling you to introduce innovative products to your customers ahead of competitors. This strategy yields higher margins, increased market share, and enhanced brand loyalty.